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Details of BFI’s Missing Believed Wiped in December

Launched by the BFI in 1993 with the aim of tracking down and screening material long missing from the official TV archives, Missing Believed Wiped will leave its BFI Southbank base on Sunday 1 December to bring a number of rarely-seen episodes to The Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh.

Among the rarities screened in Edinburgh will be a recently-recovered BBC play, Colombe, from 1960 starring a young Sean Connery, footage from the pre-Monty Python At Last the 1948 Show and a once-lost episode of 1960s Doctor Who.

Speaking to DWA as to whether information was available as to which Doctor Who episode will be shown, Dick Fiddy of the BFI had the following to say

“Not at present, I’m afraid – we’re awaiting word from the BBC as to which episode will be made available and that won’t be known until mid-November time I suspect.”

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