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The Making of the Day of the Doctor Trailer w/set photos

After fifty years and nearly 800 episodes, Doctor Who certainly has a unique and varied history, yet somehow Red Bee Media, Framestore and Director Matt Lossoso have captured so much of it in just a single minute of amazing television. Kerry Moss, Acting Head of Marketing, BBC One, said

“Doctor Who is one of the BBC’s most iconic television shows and one which has continued to engage the nation for the past 50 years. One of the key challenges we faced with the anniversary campaign was to ensure we engaged show’s superfans as well as lighter viewers. Red Bee Media rose to the challenge and created a really immersive and innovative concept. It harnesses Doctor Who’s rich heritage and iconography, alongside technical innovations, to create a single moment in time that sweeps through half a century, while also hinting at the impending storyline. All in 60 seconds!”


Littered with references to the show’s past, the trailer (which allegedly cost £100,000 to make) begins, just as the show itself did, in the junk yard at Totter’s Lane. Recreated in studio as a set, Hartnell himself was created by a combination of original footage and a body double. Lossoso sourced a still of the First Doctor from the original footage and throughout many hours placed elements from the body double on top using Photoshop to create a high resolution colour image. From that point Bersley took over

“First off I did the general compositing, the look, the colour, and the tracking, then I gave it some subtle 2D manipulations to make it look 3D as we go past him.”

Many of the camera movements were recreated using Flame ensuring both a smooth flow and allowing the designers to add even more historical references to the show.

“We had to pretty much take it apart and rebuild it. I tracked the cameras, stabilized them then recomposited all the bits into the stable camera move, but I worked hard to create that same 3D depth using isolated 2D elements. Using this method gave us the opportunity to load it with all the Doctor Who items.”

The finale of the trailer features David Tennant and then Matt Smith against a vast landscape, a matte painting specially created by Ollie which is full of more references, from the TV Movie’s Golden Gate Bridge to Bessie and the Empress of the Racnoss. As Matt Smith’s Doctor reaches for the sonic screwdriver and time unfreezes, we know he’s ready for the day of the Doctor!

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