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Marco Polo will be announced and released before the end of the year. The restoration work, which was problematic and caused it to be delayed after being scheduled alongside Web and Enemy, is complete. Don’t expect it to be announced before November 23 as the BBC will want all eyes on The Day of the Doctor. December’s BFI event could be a potential venue.

The remaining episodes in the hands of TIEA will be staggered releases through 2016 with The Massacre and The Macra Terror following 2013’s Marco Polo in 2014.

Conversely all three stories will be announced in the first half of 2014.

There are still conflicting reports on the origin of the prints, from Zambia, various sources, a TIE distribution hub or even Sierra Leone, there seems to be no one set rumour on this yet Zambia seems the most often mentioned.

The Web of Fear 3 was recovered but was unviable.

The Tenth Planet Episode 4 has been found as have the remaining episodes of The Moonbase and Underwater Menace which could potentially lead to controversy and the discoveries have let to some consternation between departments. This is also the reason The Crusade was never scheduled for animation, it has been discovered. 

The Power of the Daleks has been found and will be the final release of the Doctor Who DVD range in 2016 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Patrick Troughton taking the role.

Conversely, Power has not been recovered and the missing material still in TIEA hands is: Marco Polo (7), The Reign of Terror (2), The Crusade (2), Galaxy 4 (3), The Myth Makers (4), The Massacre (4), The Celestial Toymaker (3), The Savages (4), The Smugglers (4), The Highlanders (4), The Underwater Menace (2), The Moonbase (2), The Macra Terror (4), The Faceless Ones (4), The Abominable Snowmen (5), The Ice Warriors (2), The Wheel in Space (4), The Space Pirates (5). Found at varying locations including Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zambia, however some material may not be in recoverable condition.

The BBC have linked performance of The Web of Fear and Enemy of the World to any future negotiations over material in the hands of TIEA. While the Doctor Who DVD range has sold well, Hartnell and Troughton have been some of the lesser performers, the Aztecs Special Edition fell below expectations and the Corporation were not initially confident that the material had a large enough audience for justification. The performance of Web and Enemy has led to a green light on the return of all Doctor Who material held by Morris. Negotiations continue but will be concluded by 2014, TIEA hold significant other material that the company wish for the BBC to purchase. 

The Doctor Who production team in Cardiff were made aware of the finds in the summer of 2012, the inclusion of the Great Intelligence in Series 7 and Mark Gatiss’ lavish reconstruction of Marco Polo in An Adventure in a Time and Space is no coincidence.

The BBC will announce the entire haul of recoveries at once in December.

As always this section is to be taken as rumour, nothing more than that. DWA is offering no comment on the validity or truthfulness of any of these pieces of gossip and as you can see some blatantly contradict one another. We shall let you the reader decide whether any have a ring of truth or all of them are unfounded.

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