Colin Baker’s Harsh Words For Steven Moffat

Colin Baker has been harshly critical of Steven Moffat and the plans for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Sixth Doctor actor Baker, who played the character from 1984 to 1986, told Attractions Magazine that the classic series Doctors are seen as “surplus baggage” and “deemed unworthy of inclusion” in The Day of the Doctor.

Colin went on to reiterate that none of the actors from the classic run will feature in the episode.

“I’m not in it. I can say that Peter isn’t because I’ve seen him recently. And I can tell you that Sylvester isn’t, and neither is Paul. None of us have been deemed worthy of inclusion in a programme that celebrates 50 years of a British television programme, of which I was in it for three. We are surplus baggage.”

Interestingly Colin doesn’t mention Tom Baker, but this likely due to the fact he hasn’t spoken with or heard any statement from Tom rather than any clue as to the fourth Doctor making an appearance in the show.

Colin, Peter, Sylvester and Paul (the true fab four!) however have filmed some description of material as revealed by Sean Pertwee last month. It’s still not known what the material entails or whether it will be broadcast in some form over the 50th anniversary period.

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