Missing Episodes: BFI Showing Web of Fear 4 in Edinburgh

Following some speculation as to what the BFI would be showing at their Missing Believed Wiped Event on December 1st in  Edinburgh, the BFI have now confirmed the episode as being The Web of Fear Episode 4, ending at least one thread of speculation.

Missing Believed Wiped I will feature:
At Last the 1948 Show (Restored version), ITV, 3.10.67, (BFI Digibeta)
It’s Lulu,BBC, 18.1.69 (BBC Digibeta)
White Heather Club,mute footage, (BFI Digibeta)
Tony Currie presentation
Dr Who: Web of Fear Episode 4,(BBC Digibeta)

Missing Believed Wiped II will feature:
John McVie to intro Beatles interview
Roundup, STV, 30.4.64, (STV Digibeta)
Twentieth Century Theatre: Colombe,(BFI Digibeta)

Tickets are available online, on the phone (0131 228 2688) and in person at the Filmhouse Box Office.




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