Is Colin Baker Playing a Role In His Day of the Doctor Statements?

Colin Baker has been somewhat outspoken recently in his statements, claiming that the classic series Doctors are “excess baggage” to the show, but is he as disgruntled as he seems?

Yet there have been reports that Colin, alongside Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Olivia Coleman, Paul McGann and Sean Pertwee have filmed some kind of scenes, including one where Sylvester is seen to be preparing a call to “Steven” as seen in this photo Tweeted by Pertwee:

Sean removed the Tweet soon afterward

Could this be the same production that Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Peter Davison were seen and photographed filming? In the photos they appear to be protesting their non-inclusion in The Day of the Doctor with signs such as “No Classics? No 50th!” and “Have a heart, Classic Doctors want a part!” Could this be a reality based comedy in the vain of Extras?

So is it possible that Colin’s very outspoken words on his non-inclusion are in fact part of whatever this production is, accentuating his disgruntlement?  Particularly if rumours of the classic Doctors involvement in The Day of the Doctor are indeed true. Peter Davison said some months ago that he would film his own 50th anniversary special should the classic Doctor’s not be brought back, has he made good on his word perhaps? Are these surprise skits for Children in Need? For a future DVD maybe? To be shown at the Doctor Who celebration or after party? There has still been no word prior to the 50th anniversary which is only nine days away. We have no idea what it could be, but we are certainly intrigued.



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