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A Quick Message

First up, just a word to say that some information has been given to DWA in the past 24 hours that casts some light upon the ongoing situation. We have been asked not to make this information public knowledge, but it explains fully the ongoing concern surrounding certain aspects of internet chatter and why things have moved at the pace they have. We’d love to tell you word for word but sources must be protected.

It also lets us know that there is every reason to be optimistic, happy and enthusiastic for the future.

The BBC, Phillip Morris and the Restoration Team are not working against fandom. While some statements, distraction, disrespect and frankly outright lies from some individuals have tested the patience of fans and only added fuel to the fire rather than quell it, it is a time to remain calm and carry on in the knowledge that all will be right in the end, more than all right, they’re going to be fantastic.

It is every fans free choice to talk about what they want within the law, that should not be denied. No fan should ever “shut up” about the show and an issue they feel passionately about but rest assured, there is no need for worry and we can all relax. There is no need to “expose” the inner workings of TIEA or the BBC, they are not Professor Zaroff and they don’t intend to destroy the world! Negotiations are far more complex than suspected. Remember, we’ve had the pleasure of Web and Enemy already this year, not to mention the 50th anniversary celebrations.. Let’s not be greedy.  

It is the season of goodwill after all! :)

The Rumour Round-Up

The Power of the Daleks has received a private screening for select individuals. It was not a screening for anyone’s pleasure (though we’re sure it was very enjoyable) or as a reward for “towing the line” these things are standard practice. The Underwater Menace Episode 2 famously leaked from such a screening.

Missing Believed Wiped will be a showcase for Phil Morris’ other finds and a wealth of information will be made known. There is the possibility that Marco Polo may be a “centre piece” attraction but it isn’t likely. It would overshadow all of the other finds at MBW, of which there are some brilliant recoveries, also sitting at what will be the height of promotion for The Time of the Doctor. And yes, the three missing episodes of Dads Army have been found.

Eddie at Outpost Skaro has said The Wheel in Space has been found and this ties to rumours that have been around for months now about the serial being recovered, either three episodes in Jos or in it’s entirety. Given it was also sold to BPTV in Nigeria it being recovered at this time would be no surprise, the paper-trail from Jos likely leading right to it and there were some exact claims about its existence at customs. Wendy Padbury has been hinting for some time at its recovery if some convention accounts are to be believed.

Some rumours of found episodes is deliberate disinformation originating from official sources, there is a very good reason for this. Unfortunately, we don’t know what is wheat and what is chaff. Equally do not underestimate one source attempting to discredit another with “true” claims that work against other claims for personal reasons.

This one isn’t a rumour, it actually happened (YouTube is your friend). At the eleventh Doctor event at the BFI Mark Gatiss confirmed the rumour that the production team knew of the Web of Fear recovery prior to the reintroduction of the Great Intelligence in the 2012 Christmas Special The Snowmen. This places it’s recovery firmly into the summer of 2012 as this website has speculated for some time.

Some very old rumours that were killed many years ago might just be proven true.. And we’re not talking about William Hartnell having Feast of Steven.

The Tenth Planet 4 has not yet been recovered but Fury From The Deep has.

Marco Polo was never going to be announced alongside The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. It was found but it’s name being leaked alongside the other two gave a natural assumption that it was scheduled for release alongside them. 

Further copies of existing episodes have been found, many of them better or more complete, the amount of missing episodes recovered however is not as high as many have speculated and some may have been destroyed.

As ever all rumours come from a variety of sources and may be true, true in part or completely false, they should not be repeated as fact nor taken as anything other than the rumours they are until there is confirmation from official sources.


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  1. What would be useful if you could do it is a list of incomplete/missing stories page then underneath a status update as to where we’re at with rumours because there is so much flying about at the moment it’s crazy! ; for example

    rumoured to be found in [x] by [y]

    Still no news, remaining episodes available on DVD with animations of 4 and 5

    Rumoured ot be bootlegged


    This will act as a one-stop summary of where things are. What do you think?


  2. I have a question, a few articles back, somebody in the comment section called MYRTLE POTTS posted a comment claiming a secondary search team had found mission to the unknown and the daleks master plan in the Caribbean, what become of that rumor? was it true or not?


  3. Okay.. so if Marco Polo, The Tenth Planet, Fury from the Deep, and Power of the Daleks were tagged…

    Mother of God. It looks like we’re down from 105 missing episodes to 74.. if I’m right about this we’ve found the Marco Polo chapter thus completing the first season, the first Doctor’s regeneration episode, a completely missing Dalek story, and 8 other episodes that give us 2 more serials from the Troughton Era.

    Ladies and gents, I think it’s gonna be a helluva year.


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