Ian Levine Finds Episodes in Taiwan

Episode hunter and Doctor Who superfan Ian Levine has been on the trail of missing episodes once more, in Taiwan of all places it emerged this morning. 

The search produced results, unfortunately turning up only episodes that are known to exist – Two episodes of The Dominators, Two of The War Games and one episode of The Seeds of Death.

While this may seem a disappointment, heart can be taken that there are still episodes out there to be found and an interesting new avenue has been opened, the films being sent to American troops stationed in the country during the Vietnam War and held by the owner of a radio station.

There is no word on whether these prints are in better condition than those retained by the BBC nor their original origin.

I’m sure everyone will offer Mr Levine their thanks, not only for his efforts but his openness about the issue of missing episodes at a time when many seem a closed book. Thank you Ian and hopefully your fight to bring these episodes home isn’t over quite yet!

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Alfie Bennett
Alfie Bennett

Well Ian tells everybody what he's found shame other people don't !