Troughton Video

The Abominable Snowmen… in Colour HD!

Take a look at this fantastic piece of work from Josh Snares… a 30 second snippet of The Abominable Snowmen, in colour and HD!

Josh says:

“The idea was to make it look like a new series episode, so full colour, as highest quality as I could get it, and also widescreen. This is why the footage of The Doctor is from The Five Doctors. Subtitles were added for the audio soundtrack of the episode was horrific.”

Congratulations to Josh on a great looking video… the wonders of modern technology!

[buddy_box type=”blue”]The video can be watched Here[/buddy_box]

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Mark Pledger
Mark Pledger

Not seen it but if the footage is taken from The Five Doctors as the article says it will already be in colour/color.

Craig T. Caster
Craig T. Caster

It's still up on You Tube, just search for the title. I thought it was okay, but I'm hard to impress.