Missing Episode Rumours For January 2014

[dropcap size=small]Z[/dropcap]ambia is once again the focus of some attention after it was revealed that Phil Morris catalogued the stock there in 2008, some considerable time before shipping a container load of film cans back to the UK from the country. Speculation is that something else, not the stock at ZNBC, was found later in the country, possibly one of the famed TIE distribution/storage warehouses (also speculated as being located in Ghana). We shall have a special look at the curious case of Zambia shortly.

Sales of The Enemy of the World on DVD have been exceptional and may be on of the best selling classic series DVDs of all time, certainly from the 1960’s period. Both Enemy and Web have seen the ranges highest volume of preorders in history. This bodes well.

The commentary track for Marco Polo was completed in November. The BBC don’t want to release Marco Polo alone, wanting the next announcement to be bigger than the last, they are waiting to see what else they are allowed to announce and what is returned to them next, however some reports suggest that Marco Polo may be closer to being announced than we think and could be coming as early as ¬†within the month or in February.

Marco Polo had been scheduled to be released with both Enemy and Web in full but was pulled at the last minute for reasons unknown, the serial had been restored but had some kind of “issues,” possibly missing sections or sections of poor quality. While the serial was being prepared for release a better and complete copy was recovered.

There are 64,000 film cans that have been recovered.

Expect The Smugglers amongst the early releases.

Contradiction on The Web of Fear 3 continues to exist with most claiming it does indeed exist, however one report suggests the episode was found in an unrecoverable state. There are conflicting reports as to whether it will or will not be on the DVD release.

The Power of the Daleks, The Dalek’s Masterplan and Tenth Planet 4 are the finds that have been recovered from “other sources” I.E. not by Phil Morris on his travels.

Many people involved in the saga are as unhappy as fans at the way this is playing out and “want it to be over” sooner rather than later.

Phil Morris’ search is leading him to the Far East, which may dampen any speculation that anything was found already in Hong Kong as has been speculated previously.

As ever all rumours come from a variety of sources and may be true, true in part or completely false, they should not be repeated as fact nor taken as anything other than the rumours they are until there is confirmation from official sources.

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