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Content Starts Johnny Byrne Comments on Last Year’s Leaked Doctor Who Movie Script

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Johnny Byrne has spoken out on the leaking of his proposed Doctor Who movie script, copies and extracts having been doing the rounds amongst fans since the end of last year.

The script has been almost universally panned by most who have read it and considered Americanised and outside the spirit of the TV series.

Byrne has now gone on record to state that the leaked document is an early draft and stated that while he considered that “reviewing a script that seems to have ground to halt in terms of production is an odd concept” he “personally have no objection to this particular script being reviewed.”

The script, which has been compared to a cop-show in space, featuring the companions “gunning down” villains and the Doctor dressed as a prostitute, is available below.

While Johnny Byrne is credited as the author of this script, the screenplay was originally conceived in the late 1980s by Peter Litten and George Dugdale and was written by Mark Ezra. The released incarnation was penned by Byrne who has previously also written The Keeper of Traken, Arc of Infinity and Warriors of the Deep.

To clear up any confusion, this script is not the script for Last of the Time Lords that was mooted back in 1991 and is seemingly either in production hell or off the table.

While this script is the origin point and retains some elements, Last of the Time Lords has been heavily rewritten and is vastly different.


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