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Content Starts Third issue of Doctor Who Classic Comics Out Now

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Marvel has released the third issue of the new Classic Comics magazine, with a reprint of the first-ever Second Doctor comic strip!


The Extortioner (TV Comic issues 784-787)

The TARDIS lands on an unnamed planet. The Doctor leaves John and Gillian in the ship and explores a nearby volcano. He discovers it is the base of the Extortioner, who plans to blackmailthe inhabited universe with his fleet of rockets unless they pay his ransom demands. 

The Celluloid Midas (Countdown issues 23-32)

The government requests the Doctor’s help after the cast and crew of a TV series are found to have turned to plastic.

Backtime Part 1 (Countdown issues 33-34)

The Doctor is in London in 1863 when his TARDIS key is stolen by young pickpocket Charlie Fisher…

Plague of Death

The Dalek Chronicles:

The Penta Ray Factor Parts 5-8 (TV Century 21 issues 29-32)

In the city of Bulos on the planet Solturis, Lurr tries to warn King Redlin that the Daleks are coming to wipe them out. He has seen it all in his Bowl of Tomorrow. Redlin will not believe him. But the Daleks have already landed…

Plague of Death Parts 1 & 2 (TV Century 21 issues 33-34)

An accident on Skaro during Dalatomic beam missile tests results in a cloud of radioactive rust that eats into Dalek casings…

DWCC Issue 3 is in stores priced £2.50

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