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Content Starts Terminus Released on Video Today, Latest VHS Schedule

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Terminus, first broadcast in February of 1983, has been released on VHS.

Starring Peter Davison in the role of the Doctor, Terminus is the second of the so-called “Black Guardian Trilogy” from the show’s 20th Season.


Sabotage! The TARDIS is breaking up! Thanks to the combined efforts of the treacherous Turlough and his evil master, the Black Guardian, the Doctor and his companions are in terrible danger. The outside world has begun to break through and Nyssa has disappeared. Can the TARDIS’ fail safe mechanism save them all by docking with another ship? Unlikely, when the nearest vessel is a carrier of plague victims destined for the infamous Terminus, the time-bomb planet ticking at the centre of the universe…

Originally transmitted from 15 – 23 February 1983, this four part adventure starring Peter Davison is the second in the Black Guardian trilogy which began with Mawdryn Undead (BBCV 4874).

The release of Terminus is another change to the schedule for 1993, with the story replacing the originally scheduled January release for the re-colourised Daemons, Terminus originally slated for February alongside Enlightenment. The Daemons, in turn, was originally slated to replace Silver Nemesis.

The coming schedule now stands at Enlightenment in February and Image of the Fedahl in March, with The Daemons finally being released in April. Silver Nemesis is expected to be pushed back until the summer.

Doctor Who Magazine reported back in DWM 191 that other provisional releases for 1993 “may include the Colin Baker adventure ‘Vengeance on Varos,’ the McCoy story ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’… the long-awaited Hartnell six-part classic ‘The Chase,’ plus the two Pertwee “Peladon” adventures.”

The same issue of DWM also reported various “Specials” were in the early
planning stages, including The Invasion, The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet as well as a further selection of the “Years tapes” and other documentaries.

Terminus (BBCV4890) is available in stores such as WH Smith and Woolworths now.

The cover is by Andrew Skilleter.

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