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Content Starts Doctor Who Magazine Gives Latest News on Proposed Pertwee Radio Series

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The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has given an update on the rumours circulating earlier this month that Jon Pertwee will be returning to the role of the Doctor for a series of adventures on BBC Radio.

Stating that the claims are still “unconfirmed” the magazine goes on to say that the rumours are coming directly from the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

Rumoured to be a joint production between BBC Radio’s drama department and BBC Enterprises’ BBC Audio Collection, there is as yet no other production or casting details, “although Terrance Dicks and Eric Saward are two names being suggested as writers for the project.”

DWM adds that “whilst representatives for Jon Pertwee could not deny or confirm these rumours, the BBC Radio 4 publicity office were very enigmatic indeed! A spokeswoman said that as she had not heard about the project, she could not comment, although it would be the sort of drama concept that Radio 4 would be interested in. She then proceeded to say that even if it were true, she certainly wouldn’t actually tell DWM at this point in time, anyway!”

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