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Content Starts New Virgin Reprints This Month: The Twin Dilemma and Vengeance on Varos

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Virgin have released the latest in their ongoing Target reprints and it’s a double treat for Colin Baker fans with The Twin Dilemma and Vengeance on Varos being back on shelves.

The Twin Dilemma

Why doesn’t he understand me? Why doesn’t he realise how terrified I am? Why hasn’t he told me he was capable of such metamorphosis?

Sacrificing his fifth persona to save Peri’s life, the Doctor has regenerated yet again. But this time his regeneration is by no means smooth, for the new Doctor is strangely disturbed and unsettled in his personality.

In a particularly irascible moment, the new Doctor comes dangerously close to committing a shocking crime against Peri. Overwhelmed with guilt for his violent behaviour, the repentant Time Lord decides to become a hermit…

Vengeance on Varos

‘Is he sane, this Doctor?’

The TARDIS has stalled in mid-flight, and it is only on the planet Varos that the Doctor can find the precious Zeiton-7 ore he needs to continue his travels through time and space. Arriving on the planet, he saves the rebel Jondar from execution and incurs the wrath of Sil, the sadistic representative of the Galatron Mining Corporation on Varos.

The hunt is on for the Doctor and his rebel friends. And as they are pursued through the corridors of the deadly Punishment Dome, the Doctor discovers that the people of Varos have some very disturbing ideas about entertainment…

The Twin Dilemma and Vengeance on Varos are in all good bookstores now priced £2.99

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