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New details have emerged surrounding plans for the UK convention scene in 1993, with one of the highlights certain to be the official UK convention from DSL and the BBC.

Teaming with DWM publisher Marvel, DSL’s PanoptiCon 1993 will take place over the weekend of 4th and 5th September 1993, in London, at the Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith.

All surviving Doctors, selected companions and other recurring characters will be invited for both interview panels and autograph sessions.

DSL is also negotiating with M&J Ventures, the organisers of London’s Behind-the-Sofa exhibition last year, as well as its successors in Bristol, the Isle of Wight and Paisley.

DWM says

“It is planned that a large area within the hotel will host a large costume and prop exhibition, similar (but larger) to M&J’s popular Longleat display. Well-known Who costume collectors Andrew Beech, David J. Howe and Mark Short have already agreed to loan their items to help make this an exhibition to remember.”

In other news from throughout the year, joining the already announced Helix, ManoptiCon and PanoptiCon events are two more new announcements.

Blue Box will take place over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd May 1993 in Bournemouth with guests including Colin Baker, Honor Blackman, Deborah Wating, James Bree, Peter Miles, Stephen Thorne, John Woodnutt, Ray Cusick, Terrance Dicks, Christopher Barry, Bob Baker and Mervyn Haisman.

More details from Blue Box, 15 Mattock Road, Keynsham, Bristol B518 1XA. As always, enclosed a stamped addressed envelope.

Exeter meanwhile will play host to WottaCon, a one-day event at The Imperial Hotel on Sunday 1st August and both Peter Davison and Pamela Salem will be among the many guests on hand.

For more details, send an SAE to 3 Victoria Close, Kenton, Devon,

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