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Content Starts Repeat Ratings and Video Performance Unimproved

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There has been disappointing news across the board where VHS sales and repeat viewing figures are concerned, with the expected bump from The Daemons publicity doing little for numbers.

The Daemons was given major coverage in the Radio Times

Shoehorned into schedules at short notice but with extensive coverage in the press, the re-colourised episodes of The Daemons had been expected to draw some interest, yet the ratings fell from The Sea Devils repeat and hardly increased from the previous Hartnell and Troughton episodes, defying the conventional wisdom that audiences are less likely to watch black and white footage.

The first of the run of five episodes even saw a worse performance than the repeat of Gerry Anderson’s Stingray and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


Nov 20th 1992, Episode 1 – 2.52m
Nov 27 1992, Episode 2 – 2.96m
Dec 4th 1992, Episode 3 – between 2.2m and 2.9m
Dec 11th 1992, Episode 4 – 2.19m
Dec 18th 1992, Episode 5 – 2.34m

Videotape release news was mixed with Mawdryn Undead and The Aztecs being the highest-charting BBC releases of their weeks, outselling Red Dwarf IV: Dimension Jump.

Smoke me a kipper!

Despite this, their positions were below average with Mawdryn barely making the top 10 and The Aztecs not making it at all amidst heavy competition from Hook and Terminator 2.

The following week Mawdryn dropped to 54 and The Aztecs fell out of the 75 position chart altogether!

Following the “departure” of John Nathan-Turner from the range and signs that Doctor Who’s traditional strong video chart performance may be waning, BBC video is in an interesting place going into 1993.

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