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Content Starts Gallifrey One Issue Details For Their Fourth Annual Event

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The Fourth Annual Los Angeles “Doctor Who” and British SF Convention

February 26-28, 1993, at the Burbank Airport Hilton, Burbank, CA

Guests include:

  • Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown of “Doctor Who”)
  • Frazer Hines (Jamie MacCrimmon of “Doctor Who”, pending final negotiation)
  • John Levene (Benton of “Doctor Who”)
  • J.M. Dillard (Star Trek & SF novelist)
  • David Gerrold (popular SF novelist, hosting our annual AIDS Project Los Angeles Charity Auction)
  • Jean-Marc L’Officier (“Doctor Who Programme Guide” author)
  • Larry Stewart (Toastmaster)
  • Julie Ann Sczesny (comic artist/writer)
  • Mel Gilden (popular Trek and SF writer)

Plus…. at least six more in the works, which will be announced shortly!

Taking place at the convention: a Dealers’ Room, Art Show, Video Room (almost 24 hours a day!), Saturday Cabaret and Reception, Sunday High Tea, “The Coffee House” filking party hosted by John Levene & Linda Harpe, the Leisure Hive Improv, Trivia Squares, our annual “Gallifrey Tonight” talk show on Friday evening, a look at the Red Dwarf American Pilot and some special surprises, plus our APLA Benefit Auction.

For more information, call 818-752-8378 or write to Gallifrey Conventions, P.O. Box 3021, North Hollywood, CA 91609.

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