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Content Starts Doctor Who Classic Comics Issue 4 Out Today

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The fourth issue of Marvel’s Classic Comics is in stores today featuring three steps from the Third Doctor’s era.


Behind the Frame: 1974-1976 The Fourth Doctor Tom Baker’ by John Ainsworth

Now returned to TV Comic, the Doctor Who comic strip soon lost the talents of artists Gerry Haylock and writer Dennis Hopper. John Ainsworth takes a look at the beginning of the end for Polystyle…

Frame Count: The Third Doctor (Part 2) by John Ainsworth

Third Doctor

Backtime Part 2 (Countdown issues 35-39)

The Doctor is in London in 1863 when his TARDIS key is stolen by young pickpocket Charlie Fisher. When a policeman finds a 1970s bank note on the Doctor, he finds himself arrested for forgery but the Doctor and Charlie escape in the TARDIS.

The Eternal Present Part 1 (Countdown issues 40-44)

The Doctor has been pursued through time and captured for the “crime” of time travel. Taken to New Britain in 3550, the Doctor is sentenced to trial by combat by Mar-Kom, the ruler of New Britain. The Time Lord allies himself with Theophilus Tolliver, the inventor of Earth’s first time machine, to uncover the truth about Mar-Kom.

The Arkwood Experiments (TV Comic issues 944-949)

When normally peaceful animals at a zoo become violent, the Third Doctor and the Brigadier find that Cedric Mathews, a pupil at a nearby school, has created a drug which enhances aggression. Mathews infects all of the children at the school with the drug, and the Doctor and the Brigadier must stop the group of violent children before they reach a nearby village.

The Dalek Chronicles

Plague of Death Part 2 (TV Century 21 issues 35-39)

An accident on Skaro during Dalatomic beam missile tests results in a cloud of radioactive rust that eats into Dalek casings.

The Menace of the Monstrons Part 1 (TV Century 21 issue 40)

With the Daleks distracted by the aftermath of the rust plague, the Monstrons land on Skaro inside a dormant volcano without meeting any resistance. They are detected, however, and a Dalek is dispatched to investigate on a hoverbout. The Monstrons’ Engibrain soldiers freeze it with liquid air. Two more Daleks go to investigate but are killed when they come in contact with the Monstons’ force field. They then launch an attack on the Dalek City…

Doctor Who Classic Comics Issue 4 is in stores today priced £2.50

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