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Content Starts Updated VHS Release Schedule for the U.S.

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The U.S. will be getting a fresh wave of VHS releases on March 10th, with three new videotapes set to be released on the same day.


“So we meet again, Doctor…”

A fateful landing on Earth in the 26th century finds the TARDIS deep within a system of subterranean caves and even deeper within the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of a group of geologists working there. Who is controlling the androids guarding the hatch in the rock face? More importantly, what lies beyond the hatch?

The answers provide a serious threat for the Doctor as the time and place is set for an encounter with his old arch enemies. The Cybermen are well and truly back…

Originally transmitted 8-16 March 1982, this four part adventure sees Peter Davison, the Doctor’s fifth incarnation, facing his old adversaries — the ruthless Cybermen.

Cybermen:  The Early Years

The Cybermen: Ruthless, logical and immune to disease, with a disposition as cold as the South Pole where the Doctor first encountered them. From their first appearance on 8th October 1966, the Cybermen established themselves as firm favourites with Doctor Who viewers everywhere. Not surprisingly they became a familiar adversary throughout the show’s history. Now Colin Baker, Doctor No. 6, recalls the early years of the Cybermen terror with interviews, clips and full episodes.

ROY SKELTON recalls memories of his work on the programme over the years as one of the Cybermen voices.
MORRIS BARRY, director of several adventures including the recently discovered TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN, reminisces about those early days.
WENDY PADBURY — Zoe, the astrophysicist companion of Patrick Troughton in the early series — tells of her audition for the part and what working on the programme was really like nearly 25 years ago.

The first appearance of the Cybermen in THE TENTH PLANET (Episode 1), plus their first words in Episode 2,

Four Full Episodes

THE MOONBASE (Episode 2 & Episode 4) and
THE WHEEL IN SPACE (Episode 3 & Episode 6)

With thanks to the Museum of the Moving Image, London

The Tom Baker Years (2 tapes)

On 28 December 1974, with an enigmatic smile, Tom Baker assumed the mantle of Gallifrey’s most famous offspring, the Doctor. The coat and long striped scarf which he adopted later were to become his trademarks in the seven years of the Tom Baker era which followed.

Unlike his predecessors, all of Tom Baker’s episodes still exist in the BBC Archives. A magnificent selection is included here along with Tom Baker’s spontaneous reactions to the excerpts themselves — “warts and all”.

So sit back and reminisce with him for almost three hours worth of classic Doctor Who on this special double BBC Video.

Included are excerpts from: Robot • The Ark in Space • The Sontaran Experiment • Revenge of the Cybermen • Terror of the Zygons • Pyramids of Mars • The Seeds of Doom • The Hand of Fear • The Talons of Weng-Chiang • The Sunmakers • Underworld • The Pirate Planet • The Androids of Tara • Destiny of the Daleks • The Horns of Nimon • Full Circle • The Keeper of Traken• Shada and many more!

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