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Content Starts Enlightenment Released on VHS Today

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Enlightenment has been released on video.

The Fifth Doctor serial is considered an underrated classic of Peter Davison’s era and is the final part of the so-called Black Guardian Trilogy which started with November’s release Mawdryn Undead and continued with last months Terminus.


“I control the game, the Doctor’s destiny. And soon he will be dead.”
(The Black Guardian)

When the White Guardian appears uttering a cryptic warning of imminent danger — “The winner takes all”, the Doctor is puzzled. Then the TARDIS materialises on a pseudo-Edwardian sailing ship in the middle of a space race run by the mind-reading Eternals. The first prize? Enlightenment — ultimate wisdom to gain one’s heart’s desire. But as the Black Guardian’s evil mesh draws tight, it looks as though the Doctor may not live to cross the finishing line…

Originally transmitted from 1 – 9 March 1983, this four part adventure starring Peter Davison concludes the Black Guardian Trilogy begun with Mawdryn Undead (BBCV 4874) and Terminus (BBCV 4890).

Enlightenment is available now at all good video stockists including Woolworths and WH Smith

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