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Content Starts Man Wins Title of “World’s Greatest Pinball Player” on Doctor Who Pinball Machine

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An American man has won the claim to call himself the “World’s Greatest Pinball Player” after scoring a staggering 70,690,040 points on a Doctor Who pinball machine.

Lyman Sheets Jr., 26 of Hampton, Va. has won the third international championship competition this past weekend, taking the crown and winning himself a $3,000 purse.

“My first games were lousy because was worried about what everybody else was doing, then I blanked out everybody and played the game against the machine, on my own and I stopped looking at the scores”

Lyman Sheets Jr

500 pinball players from North America, Europe, Australia and Japan convened on a Manhattan hotel for the event under the auspices of the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association.

The Doctor Who pinball machine was originally released by Midway (Bally) in September of last year and has been a huge hit with fans. The machine is designed by Bill Pfutzenreuter (Pfutz) and Barry Oursler.

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