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Content Starts Out Now: The Tenth Planet & Smugglers

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The latest releases in Virgin’s ongoing series of Target reprints are in stores today and it’s a double dose of season 4, with the two final stories of the William Hartnell era.

The Smugglers

‘We’d better find that old Doctor feller and get our hooks into him!’

Seventeenth-century Cornwall — a time when villainous pirates roam the seas searching for treasure while townspeople turn to smuggling, wheeling and dealing in contraband. Into this wild and remote place the TARDIS materializes, and the Doctor and his companions find themselves caught up in the dubious activities of the locals. When the Doctor is unwittingly given a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure, the pirates are determined to extract the information, whatever the cost…

Doctor Who – The Smugglers was written by Brian Hayles, scriptwriter of several other Doctor Who stories, including The Monster of Peladon and The Curse of Peladon; it was the last story but one to feature William Hartnell, the first actor to take the part, in the role of the Doctor.

The Tenth Planet

The tall figures, each one seemingly clad in a silver armoured suit, continued to move inexorably towards them…

When the Tardis materialises in the middle of a snowstorm, Ben and Polly, driven to distraction by weeks cooped up in the time ship, insist on going outside with the Doctor. As they battle through the storm, they are unaware that they are being watched — and unaware that the planet is about to be invaded by creatures deadlier than any it has ever seen before…

Based on the original TV story by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, The Tenth Planet is the first story to feature the deadly Cybermen, and the last story in which the first Doctor, as played by William Hartnell, was to appear. It was to reveal an ability of the time lords never before suspected…

The Smugglers and Tenth Planet are available from all good bookstores now priced £2.99.

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