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If I remember the series correctly, Davros (the Dalek commander) was killed when his people-hating metallic army realised he was half-human himself. In Dalek Attack he’s been resurrected, only to send his psychotic servants to wipe out Earth’s inhabitants.

The Daleks and their accompanying mutant allies have already taken over some major cities. Dr Who (and optional assistant, controlled by a second player) has to prevent further invasion while destroying the existing battle force. To make matters worse, the Daleks have set up pods that are dissolving the earth’s ozone layer.

To stop this, the Doctor’ must infiltrate the captured London and find the necessary Smart Card: awarded after rescuing a quota of people. Further tasks involve travelling to Paris, New York and Tokyo. Finally, he must kill Davros on the Dalek world, Skaro.

Following the horizontal shoot-em-up action of the first level, the game transforms into an arcade- adventure. It’s not bad, as the agile Doctor can hang or climb on most of the scenery. You have to be careful though – long falls kill the hero outright, rather than draining his energy bar.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

As you’d expect, the Daleks are out in force, and will shoot to kill and initially, you can destroy them. Collecting power-ups solves this – at least while ammunition lasts…

Amiga Dalek Attack is very similar to its Commodore 64 incarnation, with the same annoying flaws. For example, when you fall too far the ‘dying’ sequence is nonexistent – you simply go onto your next life, only to begin falling again. Also, the unfriendly multiload flicks you from playing to loading in the blink of an eye. It’s not all bad though. With excellent Dalek samples and neat two-player option, Attack’s a fair purchase for Who enthusiasts.

Tip time! In London, don’t take on the Daleks straight away wait till you’ve gained weapon power-ups.

Dalek Attack is out now from Admiral Software priced £16.99. Amiga Force Issue 3 is out today priced £1.95.

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