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Content Starts Doctor Who Magazine 197 Out Now With Major Pertwee Radio Series News

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Doctor Who Magazine 197 is in stores now with all the latest news and articles from the world of BBC TVs Doctor Who!

It’s a particular treat for Pertwee fans this month as DWM brings us a major update on the forthcoming Jon Pertwee radio series as well as going behind the scenes of the Return to Devil’s End VHS documentary special.



Dalek Attack: Marcus Hearn takes a look at the Dalek Attack computer game.

Faith & Destiny: Philip MacDonald takes a look at the many alien races who have influenced mankind’s religion, philosophy and destiny.

Return to Devil’s End by Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt

After Image: Genesis of the Daleks by Nicholas Briggs

Archive: Image of the Fendahl


Emperor of the Daleks! – Part One


Brief Encounter: A Time & a Place
Prelude: The Pit


Making the movies – Continuing our irregular look back at the Sixties Dalek movies, Marcus Hearn talks to Allan Bryce, co-creator of the special effects.

Plus all the regulars such as Gallifrey Guardian, Beyond the TARDIS and the Matrix Databank!

DWM issue 197 is in all good newsagents now and is priced £2.50. The issue will be in stores until March 17.

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