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Content Starts Major Update on Pertwee Radio Series, Number of Episodes Revealed

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The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine has given a major update on the BBC’s planned Jon Pertwee radio series.

The magazine states that the forthcoming production will be a joint endeavour between BBC Light Entertainment and the BBC Audio Collection division of BBC Enterprises, with the duo joint-financing five thirty-minute brand new episodes of the show.

The number is significantly less than those rumoured throughout last month after Pertwee let plans slip when talking with the BBC’s Ross King in January, revealing that he would be making twenty episodes.

While the number comes as a disappointment, fans will no doubt be excited to see the Third Doctor “once more don his cape and frilly shirt to record the plays during May.”

No further casting has been announced for the serial but writers such as Eric Saward, Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks and Philip Martin have been heavily tipped.

While DWM contends that “Eric Saward… must be the top contender for the writing credit”, Letts and Dicks would almost certainly be “the fans choice” given their links to Pertwee’s era of the show.

Saward, however, has Doctor Who radio experience, having written Slipback in 1986, and has recently worked with the BBC Audio Collection, scripting the links for the anticipated forthcoming Missing Stories releases of The Power of the Daleks and Fury From The Deep.

While it is not yet clear whether the five episodes will be transmitted by BBC Radio later this year, BBC Audio has already made tentative plans to release them in June or July.

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