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Content Starts Forthcoming Book Releases and Covers Revealed

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Virgin has revealed several forthcoming new books across their various Doctor Who ranges alongside their individual covers, as revealed in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine.


Coming in July will be the latest New Adventures release, Shadowmind. The book will be penned by newcomer Christopher Bulis who has also fantastically painted the cover.

“The story is set on the planet Arden, a planet of hills, streams and forests. Apparently a peaceful and friendly place. But something on Arden steals minds and memories…”

Carnival of Monsters

Coming in May will be the re-issue of Terrance Dicks’ adaptation of Robert Holmes’ Carnival of Monsters.

Those in attendance at the TARDIS convention in Durham last November saw cover artist Alister Pearson begin work on the cover over that weekend.

The Mark of Mandragora

Finally, Alister Pearson will also provide the cover to Virgin’s first Doctor Who graphic novel, out in April.

The Mark of Mandragora will serve up reprints of some classic DWM reprints, including the title strip by Dan Abnett and Lee Sullivan alongside Train-Flight by Andrew Donkin, Graham Brand and John Ridgway, Doctor Conkeror by Ian Rimmer and Mike Collins and Fellow Travellers by Andrew Caramel and Arthur Ranson.

This compilation will also feature popular New Adventures author Paul Cornell’s first professionally published Doctor Who work, Teenage Kicks – “a short text story that helped to introduce Ace into the comic strip continuity.”

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