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Content Starts Ambassadors of Death Colourisation Fails. Copy in Canada? – Rumour

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There are rumours that a colour copy of The Ambassadors of Death may exist in Canada, one that is sadly a non-starter.

While The Ambassador’s of Death was issued to Canada as part of a package of all 24 Jon Pertwee stories in early 1985, the 1990 broadcast of the serial was in black and white and not colour. The serial is not known to have been shown prior.

The master tapes for parts 2-7 have long been wiped, the deed being done in 1973.

Following the successful restoration of The Daemons to broadcast quality colour, the serial being repeated last year on BBC2, it had been hoped that Jon Pertwee serials that only exist in the archives in black and white may also be restored.

A full-colour off-air BETAMAX recording from WNED Channel 17 in Buffalo, New York was helpfully provided the BBC but work had to cease after only two episodes (Episode Five and Six) had been completed. The tape sadly showed heavy signs of the rainbow patterning that was seen on Episode Five of The Silurians, the damage so severe as to be unworkable.

Restoration of this copy is still possible by utilising a so-called “colourisation” computer as used to colourise the Laurel & Hardy films in the United States. Unfortunately, this would be unfeasible, the process costing a staggering $2000 per minute.

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