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Content Starts DWB 111: BBC Interested in Brian Blessed as the Doctor? Missing Episode Audios & Radio Series Update, More

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The BBC is still said to be considering the 30th anniversary straight to video special and have commissioned a 12 min trailer from Danson Studios. DWB claim that Brian Blessed has been approached for the lead role.

DWB also reports that the delayed releases of Fury From the Deep and Power of the Daleks are due to the poor quality of the audio with replacements being arranged. The magazine counters earlier reports that the releases were in the can and claims that Tom Baker has not yet recorded his the links for the cassettes.

The forthcoming five-episode Jon Pertwee radio series will have its first episode written by Barry Letts.

UK Gold has dropped Doctor Who weekday slots because of low viewing figures.

The BBC’s VHS release scheduled is given as follows:

March: The Daemons & Image of Fendahl
April: The Terror of Autons & Silver Nemesis
May: Vengeance on Varos

The book release schedule is given as follows:

June: The New Adventures: White Darkness, Enemy of the World Target Reprint
July: Power of the Daleks
August: Evil of the Daleks

DWB issue 111 is out now priced

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