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Content Starts Commodore Format Interviews Sylvester Mccoy on New Dalek Attack Game

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At no expense spared* Commodore Format tracked down TV’s famous Doctor Who, alias Sylvester McCoy to found out what he thought of his portrayal in Dalek Attack.

Sylvester McCoy is not a happy chappie. “I think it’s rather rude, ” he says in a voice that sounds far more serious than it ever did when he was saying things like, “It could mean the end of the world as we know it.”

What’s got television’s seventh Doctor Who’s goat (or should that be cybermat, or perhaps even Yeti?) is the way his Doctor, perhaps the least violent incarnation of the lot, is represented in the new Dalek Attack game. On the 8-bit version of the game, he’s the only Doctor you can play, and Sylvester’s more than a mite miffed he was never consulted about the game.

“The first I heard about it was when my son said that he had seen it somewhere. Then other people told me about it. Nobody’s asked me anything about it.”

He’s also not very happy at the way his character is portrayed in the game – and he’s not just talking about the graphics (although he was less than impressed with his wonky ears on the intro sequence portrait – well, wouldn’t you be?). Nope, it’s the amount of violence in the game that he’s worried about.

“When I got the job as Doctor Who I didn’t want to be violent in the role. I didn’t want to beat the monsters to death. I wanted the Doctor – because he comes from another world – to be much more intelligent than humanity and he would know that violence is not the answer. If my Doctor is doing anything violent I’m really saddened by that.

“Sylvester’s doctor, more than any other, is (was? the BBC still haven’t said whether he will ever return in the role) the one that talked his enemies into submission. The Black Dalek, in particular, received the sharp end of his tongue. But it’s not just the actor who spotted that the digital Doctor is acting distinctly out of character. Everyone at Future Towers who has reviewed the game – even ones who weren’t fans (such people sadly do exist) – have noted that the shoot-’em-up action goes totally against the spirit of the series.

“Although I have a very little brain personally, ” continues Sylvester modestly, “the character I was playing had a very big brain, and I wanted to use that to good effect. I really strongly believe that we should have superheroes not with their underpants outside their trousers but with their brains inside their heads.

“The Doctor is a role for which Sylvester obviously has a great fondness. “It was a great role to play as an actor. It’s got me invited all over the world. I’ve met scientists, astronauts and cosmonauts. I’ve also met the cast of Star Trek who I was great fans of and who are now friends.

He admits that he was never too sure what was going on. “I just got the script learned the lines and tried not to bump into the monsters. My one criticism of those times is that some of the stories weren’t very clear. But I understand why. The BBC never gave us enough time or money. I was called a Time Lord but one thing we didn’t have was time to make it properly. But within that, we produced some very good episodes. “

*Actually we just popped down the road to Bath Theatre where Sylvester is appearing in Cinderella

The latest edition of Commodore Format which also contains a review of Dalek Attack is on newsagents shelves now priced £2.50.

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