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Content Starts News and Notes From DWM 198: Radio Series, Missing Stories Tapes, 30th Anniversary Special, More

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The new radio series with Jon Pertwee will begin recording in May and all 5 episodes will be written by Barry Letts. A second series has not been ruled out and maybe written by Eric Saward.

The Missing Stories tapes are currently shelved pending finding better recordings.

Despite claims in the press, there are no plans for a 30th Anniversary Special and it is considered doubtful though still possible.


July: Power of the Daleks, Shadowmind (New Adventure).
August: Evil of the Daleks, Birthright (New Adventure).
September: Invasion and Silver Nemesis reprints,
October: Leisure Hive and Robots of Death reprints.


Helix has been cancelled but Inferno (in Edinburgh) will happen in October. July will see an auction in aid of cot death.

Dick Mills (sound man) is retiring. His last contribution to Doctor Who is to be a special 30th-anniversary album.

Terrance Dicks is giving a talk on his Doctor Who work at the Festival of Brent.

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