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Content Starts Doctor Who Classic Comics 6 Out Now

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The sixth issue of Marvels Classic Comics is in stores today with more classics from the 1970s and the Pertwee and Baker eras of the show.


Behind the Frame: 1979-1982 Doctor Who Weekly by John Ainsworth

Frame Count: The Fourth Doctor (Part 2) by John Ainsworth

Comic Strips

Third Doctor

The Planet of the Daleks (Countdown issues 55-58) and (TV Action + Countdown issues 59-62)

After the Doctor’s latest victory over them, the Daleks are out for revenge! They’ve set a trap for the Doctor and plan to make him into what he despises most: one of them!

Fourth Doctor

Death Flower Part 2 (TV Comic issues 1210-1214)

The debut of the Fourth Doctor in comic form featuring Sarah Jane Smith sees the duo come face to face with a man-made plant called the Sarricoids created by Professor Sarric…

The Dalek Chronicles:

Eve of War (TV Century 21 issues 47-51)

A new chapter in Dalek history begins. Following the Monstron attack, the Daleks have rebuilt their city with new defences to warn them on any future invasion. With the threat of the rust plague and the Monstrons over, the Dalek Emperor orders the Daleks to resume their conquest of other planets with the next target being Oric as it contains valuable minerals…

The Archives of Phryne (TV Century 21 issues 52-58)

The Daleks are searching their surrounding space, preparing for their coming war with the Mechanoids when they find the planet Phryne.


Doctor Who Classic Comics Issue 6 is on all good newsstands today priced £2.50.

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