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Content Starts Double VHS Release: Terror of the Autons and Silver Nemesis

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After months of chaotic VHS schedules and disappointments as titles get shifted, Doctor Who fans are in for a double treat this month with the twin release of The Terror of the Autons and Silver Nemesis.

Terror of the Autons

“I have come to destroy you Doctor, once and for all…”

The Earth is in terrible danger! The Master is back with an evil scheme to destroy humanity and silence the Doctor forever. His plan? To awaken the awesome power of the Nestene — a ruthlessly aggressive alien life form. Once mixed with plastic, they will form into faceless automatons, a willing army of destruction easily controlled by the evil Time Lord himself. This is the terrible threat now facing the Earth — the terror of the Autons.

Aided by the Brigadier and his enthusiastic new assistant Jo Grant, only the Doctor can combat their evil power, but first he must defeat the Master…

Originally transmitted in colour 2 – 23 January 1971, this four part adventure starring Jon Pertwee was lost in its original form. Only a black and white version and an edited colour American NTSC standard version remained until now when technology worthy of the Doctor himself has reconciled the two, synchronising them into one full colour version.

Silver Nemesis

BBC Video presents two special programmes made to commemorate the Doctor’s 25th anniversary.


Originally transmitted 23rd November – 7th December 1988.
This version contains additional previously untransmitted material.

“You mean, the world’s going to end and you’d forgotten about it?”
“I’ve been busy.”
“How long have you known?”
“Well, in strictly linear terms, as the chronometer flies, I’ve known since November 23rd 1638.”

It is 23rd November 1988. Lady Peinforte and her loyal servant Richard have travelled from the year 1638 for this moment. Herr de Flores’ dreams of establishing the Fourth Reich rest on this point in time. The Cybermen’s planned invasion of Earth is scheduled for the same time. The link between the three? The statue Nemesis, fashioned from validium — the living metal first made by Rassilon on Gallifrey and capable of bestowing the power of life and death on any individual. Can the Doctor and Ace prevent its awesome power from falling into any of their evil hands?


Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes during the making of Doctor Who? Just who does write the scripts? Who designs the costumes? Now’s your chance to find out in this special hour long programme which enrols you as a member of the Doctor Who team. From the earliest rehearsals to the actual recording of the programme, the making of Silver Nemesis is revealed. There are special interviews with stars Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, director Chris Clough, production manager Gary Downie and producer John Nathan-Turner who reveals his special “vision” for the programme. There’s also time to chat with the technical people who “make it all happen“, from make-up, costume and visual effects designers to the composer of the incidental music. An absolutely unique opportunity to gain an insider’s view of Doctor Who.

Both Terror of the Autons and Silver Nemesis are available now from all good video stockists including WH Smith and Woolworths.

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