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Content Starts Latest Rumours on the Doctor Who 30th Anniversary Special

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Doctor Who fans have been buzzing over the future of the series since BBC One Controller Alan Yentob confirmed that he was looking into bringing the series back earlier this month. The statement from Yentob added to existing rumours that the controller was personally behind an endeavour to get a TV or video special for the 30th anniversary.

Last month, The Mirror reported that Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy were been looked at for the special, with the latest rumours stating that McCoy looks set to reprise his role with Tom Baker ALSO starring in the 90 minute special in a situation reminiscent of The Two Doctors.

Two endings will be shot for the special, with one leading into a new series should the future of the show be secured, with the other putting a definitive end to the show.

While there is no word on companions for the special, behind the scenes John Nathan-Turner is said to be quietly involved and has been approached as somebody with Doctor Who experience, the special being rushed into production with a 6-month timeframe instead of the ideal 18-months.

Shooting for the special is said to be beginning almost imminantly.

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