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Content Starts Doctor Who Magazine 199 On Shelves Now

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Doctor Who Magazine heads into its forthcoming landmark 200th issue with a look at the recolourisation of The Dæmons, the problems with The Ambassadors of Death and a Warriors of the Deep triple-bill as the story features in the Archive alongside interviews with writer Johnny Byrne and actress Ingrid Pitt.


Rebuilding the classics II: In DWM 196 BBC telecine engineer Steve Roberts explained how the recolourisation of The Dæmons took place. Now, with the BBC Video release of Terror of the Autons, and July’s release of Doctor Who and the Silurians (still undergoing final recolourisation), Steve explains the problem that beset these stories and the as-yet uncompleted The Ambassadors of Death.

Includes inset article/list of Missing Episodes – A list of the Doctor Who episodes currently missing from the BBC archives.

The Missing Stories: The Prison in Space, episode synopses Two – Four

After Image – TV: The Caves of Androzani by Nicholas Briggs

Archive: Warriors of the Deep


Comic Strip: Emperor of the Daleks! – Part Three

Brief Encounter: Anti-Matter with Fries

Prelude: Lucifer Rising


Soundhouse: Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt continues his investigations into the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop and talks to Delia Derbyshire, the lady responsible for creating the distinctive theme music back in 1963.

Writing Who: Johnny Byrne – The much-maligned Warriors of the Deep was Johnny Byrne’s third, and final Doctor Who story. Here, he presents Marcus Hearn with the case for the defence.

Acting the Part: Ingrid Pitt by Andrew Evans

Plus all the regular features such as Off the Shelf, Gallifrey Guardian, Beyond the TARDIS, The Matrix Databank and much more.

Doctor Who Magazine 199 is in all good newsagents of other magazine stockists now priced £2.50.

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