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Content Starts Missing Episode Rumour Round-Up

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While we here at Doctor Who Worldwide are always hesitant to report rumours on the location or finding of missing episodes… but the possibility will always remain that episodes might still be out there and keeping up to date on the rumours not only offers hope to fans of one day seeing these lost classics but might spark new information and debate on the ongoing search. Please, however, take all such rumours with a grain of salt.

We feel confident that there will not always be 110 missing episodes of Doctor Who.

Current Rumours

No 30th Anniversary Missing Episodes

There are rumours doing the rounds that the BBC has discovered a new unnamed missing adventure and are rushing the story for release on VHS in time for the 30th anniversary. The rumours state that a trailer for this story may be included on June’s release of The Keeper of Traken and The Invasion. This rumour has no basis and seems to be Chinese whispers originating in the news of the BBC’s 30th-anniversary straight to video special.

Ongoing Tenth Planet Episode 4 Controversy

The rumours on The Tenth Planet Episode 4 won’t die, with the latest rumours stating that the episode exists and that a BBC employee lifted this episode from the archives alongside others including The Daleks’ Master Plan Episode 4 (The Traitors).

The BBC is said to know the identity of this employee and attempted to. recover the episode earlier this year, however, the copy that was returned to the Beeb was blank with the former employee selling the episode on to an unnamed collector for £5000.

This rumour is derived from the “work” of a hoaxer who goes by the pseudonym of Roger K. Barrett. “Barrett” claimed to have the episode on a videotape recorded from a now sold original film print. This tape was completely blank.

Word is that the “sold” print is now in the hands of an oil-rig worker who paid £5000 pounds for the episode. However, this seems to a conflation of rumours as in 1992 it was believed that an oil-rig worker had paid £5000 pounds for Power of the Daleks Episode 2.

Some even say that a consortium of evil fans conspires to keep the episode away from the BBC and keep its black market value high.

Reign Not Found

A further rumour doing the rounds this month is that Episodes 4 & 5 of The Reign of Terror have been found to complete the story. This rumour is also false and may be derived from JNT scheduling Reign for VHS release with linking narration to cover the missing episodes by Carole Ann Ford.

Whether either of these rumours ties in with the aforementioned talk of a special 30th anniversary VHS release is unknown.

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