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Content Starts New Books: More Target Reprints and New Mark of Mandragora Graphic Novel

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Three brand new Doctor Who books are available today, including a whole new DWM Comic Strip compilation, The Mark of Mandragora.

New Target Reprints

The Face of Evil


Thinking the controls are set for earth, the Doctor is surprised when the TARDIS lands in a huge primeval forest where chaos reigns – chaos for which the Doctor is partly responsible. This is home to the Sevateem and Tesh tribes, who are constantly engaged in savage wars to appease their god Xoanon. Through meeting Leela, the young female warrior banished by her tribe, the Doctor discovers that the constant raging battles between them are instigated by none other than Xoanon, in reality an all-powerful giant computer. With Leela as his companion, the Doctor must not only battle with Xoanon, but reconcile the differences between the two tribes – who are both intent on subjecting them to their savage law.

The Face of Evil was the creation of one of the TV series’ most memorable teams: Tom Baker as the Doctor and Louise Jameson as the warrior Leela.



When the Dodecahedron, the mysterious source of all power on the planet Tigella, goes out of control, the survival of the whole planet is threatened. Zastor, leader of Tigella rules over a divided people: the Savants and the Deons, who have vastly differing views on how to rectify the situation. Zastor welcomes the arrival of the Doctor, hoping he’ll mediate and find a solution. However, things are thrown into jeopardy when the Dodecahedron is stolen and the Doctor is arrested as the thief and condemned to death! Someone, somewhere, is messing around with identity – someone who wants to take control of the Dodecahedron for their own selfish purposes.

Both The Face of Evil and Meglos are available now from Virgin Publishing under the Target imprint. Both books are priced at £3.50.

The Mark of Mandragora

I’m beaten, Ace.

At the end of the twentieth century, the Mandragora Helix returns to Earth to be re-born. And there’s nothing the Doctor, Ace or UNIT can do to prevent it.

The Mark of Mandragora is the culminating story in this collection of comic strips first published in the Doctor Who Magazine and now available for the first time in full colour. Also included are the prelude stories Darkness, Falling and Distractions.

Among the writers and artists represented in this collection are luminaries of the Doctor Who world such as Andrew Cartmel, Lee Sullivan and Paul Cornell; favourite characters making guest appearances include Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier.

Strips Included

Doctor Conkerer!
Fellow Travellers
The Mark of Mandragora (Including Darkness, Falling and Distractions)


Teenage Kicks by Paul Cornell

The Mark of Mandragora by Virgin Publishing is in all good stores from today and will be priced at £6.99

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