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Content Starts New Daily Star Article Reports on Doctor Who’s TV Return, 1994 Date Given

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A new article appearing in The Daily Star has recapped the recent news and rumours surrounding Doctor Who’s return to television, with new quotes from the head of BBC Enterprises. Obviously, anything printed in the Star should be treated with due caution.

Look Who’s Back

At a new series of the classic sci-fi show Dr Who is on the way, it was revealed by TV bosses last night.

The BBC chose the show’s 30th birthday celebrations– joined by four former Dr. Whos– to announce the Time Lord’s timely return.

Bosses said the new scripts have been written and money was being raised to relaunch the show, axed four years ago. Tony Greenwood, a BBC Enterprises chief, revealed: “We want to do it properly based time– much more money will be spent on it.”

“BBC1’s controller Alan Yentob is a big fan of Dr. Who and he has always said the door’s not closed on it.

Everybody wants it to come back. After all, it has made £10 million for the BBC in video sales and profits from other merchandising.

BBC insiders revealed last night that Dr Who– the most successful science fiction show in the world will return late next year.


And Andrew Beech, leader of the Dr Who Appreciation Society, said BBC Enterprises are running out of videos to sell and know that its return will be a perfect moneyspinner for them. The only possible obstacle has been the BBC’s chief John Birt, but he is an accountant and can see a good raiser of funds.

Gary Russell, editor of Dr Who Magazine, said the show deserves to return and if the BBC are intelligent it will be back sooner than later.

Four of the seven actors to have played Dr. Who assembled at a West London celebration yesterday.

Jon Pertwee, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy all gave their backing to the Time Lord’s return.

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