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Content Starts Final Part of Genesis of the Daleks Airs Tonight

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The final part of 1975’s Terry Nation classic Genesis of the Daleks airs tonight on BBC2.

Genesis of the Daleks is considered one of the all-time great classics of Doctor Who and essential viewing for fans of the series. Tonight’s episode marks the conclusion to the story.

The run of Doctor Who classics will continue next week with the first part of Peter Davison’s final story in the role of the Doctor, The Caves of Androzani.

Radio Times

Last episode of this classic story from 1975, starring Tom Baker
The Daleks are about to take over the bunker. The Doctor has the charges set, but has a sudden attack of conscience.
With Elisabeth Sladen and Michael Wisher.

Written by Terry Nation
Producer Philip Hinchcliffe
Director David Maloney

Genesis of the Daleks Part Six airs tonights at 7:15 on BBC2.

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