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The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now and has a major feature on the unmade 1968 Second Doctor adventure, The Prison in Space.


The Making of: The Making of Silver Nemesis

The Missing Stories – Over its long history, Doctor Who has had many scripts written for it that, for a variety of reasons, never made it to the screen. Richard Bignell starts off an irregular series of articles examining a few of those missing stories. In this issue and the next we take a look at a 1968 Second Doctor adventure, The Prison in Space.

Collectors’ Corner featuring Doctor Who and the Daleks Yo-Yo, Dr Who and the Daleks Top, Dalek Hat, Police Box Phone Index, Mechanoid (toy), Doctor Who TARDIS Bubble Bath.

Archive: Time and the Rani


Acting the Part: Richard Gauntlett by Liam Rudden

Soundhouse – Sound effects techno-wizard Dick Mills tells Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt all about making guns buzz, control rooms hum and doors whirr…


Emperor of the Daleks! – Part Two


Brief Encounter: Three Steps to the Left

Plus all the regulars such as Off the Shelf, Gallifrey Guardian, Beyond the TARDIS and the Matrix Databank.

Doctor Who Magazine 198 is out now from Marvel and is at all good newsagents including WH Smith. The cover price is £2.50.

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