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Content Starts Out Today: Terror of the Zygons and Pyramids of Mars Reprints

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It’s a treat for fans of the Hinchcliffe years as two Tom Baker classics make their way back onto shelves thanks to the ongoing Target reprint series – Terror of the Zygons and Pyramids of Mars.

Terror of the Zygons

This is no ordinary sea serpent… We’re dealing with a cyborg!’

Summoned back to Earth by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the Doctor is asked to investigate a series of mysterious attacks on Scottish oil rigs. The culprit appears to be Nessie herself, but the monster turns out to be a Skarasen, the half animal, half machine creation of the Zygons. The Doctor, Sarah and Harry must stop the Zygons, some of whom have taken human form, from making Earth their new home planet.

This book, previously published as Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster, has been retitled in line with the TV story.

Pyramids of Mars

‘Egyptian mummies building a rocket? That’s really crazy Doctor!’

Returning to UNIT HQ, the Doctor and Sarah are thrown into turmoil when the TARDIS is caught up by a mysterious force. Sutekh, the last of the Osirians, has been released from his pyramid prison by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman, and now plans to avenge his imprisonment by destroying all life in the Cosmos.

Professor Scarman, possessed by the spirit of Sutekh, builds a rocket and flies to Mars, for it is here that the mystical eye of Horus lies — the key to Sutekh’s prison. Can the Doctor stop the evil Egyptian’s path of destruction?

Both Terror of the Zygons and Pyramids of Mars are out now and available through all good book shops priced at £3.50.

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