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Content Starts Major Doctor Who Feature on Entertainment Express, Yentob Confirms Possible Return to TV

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The BBC has run a major Doctor Who feature on Entertainment Express surrounding the future of the show and it’s possible return to television.

The piece included interviews with Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison and Colin Baker alongside prominent fan of the series Ian Levine and the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s Steven Wickham and Andrew Beech. All those interviewed gave their support for a new series of the show. Most excitingly, the segment finished with a quote from Alan Yentob who confirmed to The BBC that he may be bringing Doctor Who back to television.


With thanks to Ryan K. Johnson

SELINA SCOTT: … when the last series was made back in 1989. Well with the 30th anniversary of the first show later this year and the appointment of a new BBC-1 controller, many fans hope this may be the moment to see their favourite show recommissioned by the BBC. Andi Peters has been finding out what the fans believe is so special about Doctor Who. He began by meeting some of the ex-Doctors.

*Clips from the show with the Hartnell credit sequence and music*

COLIN BAKER: If you were to talk to people who wouldn’t call themselves fans and ask them if they think Doctor Who should come back I think they’d probably say, especially people with children, that they would like to think that their children had their own Doctor.

PETER DAVISON: It has tremendous potential as a programme, tremendous potential. And there is a great audience waiting there. There is no science fiction show on at the moment. Doctor Who has a ready-made audience, you know. Why isn’t it on?

JON PERTWEE: Go for it. I mean I’m all a hundred percent behind it. I mean my chances of my playing Doctor Who are nil but that doesn’t matter. The enthusiasm of the programme should be given the full backing of the Doctor’s club.

*Pertwee credits sequence*

ANDI PETERS: With the greatest respect to the gentlemen I just met, Doctor Who’s may come and go. But then again that’s what they are famous for. These chaps here [indicates two Daleks on either side], the Daleks, now to be found at the BBC Visual Effects Props Store, are so famous they’ve managed to make their way into the English dictionary, where they’re described as “mobile mechanical beings.” But look, I’m no real authority on this stuff.

*Shots of Ian Levine, Andrew Beech, and Steven Wickham amidst Doctor Who memorabilia*

The real experts are the fans, who say nobody is listening to their pleas to bring back Doctor Who.

IAN LEVINE: The one thing about Doctor Who that was unique, that so few programmes have, is that it really stimulated the imagination. It made you think about the possibilities of time travel and history. I mean, it could take a historical subject that was bland and make you really enjoy it.

*More clips from the show*

PETER DAVISON: There’s a certain segment there that runs right the way through our society that thinks of me as the Doctor, which is sort of nice. But they usually say to me, “Where’s your TARDIS?” Or, “Why didn’t you come in your TARDIS?” that’s the more favourite one. To which I reply, “Well if I’d come in my TARDIS I wouldn’t be here, I’d be four hundred years ago or something like that.” Because it never ended up where it was meant to.

JON PERTWEE: I’m a bit long in the tooth I think for all the activity required for Doctor Who because my Doctor Who was very orientated to gadgetry and to riding motorbikes and speedboats and strange motor cars. And I think falling off motorbikes at my age wouldn’t be very sensible.

*Clip from Vengeance on Varos*

COLIN BAKER: I would say that I liked Doctor Who. I wouldn’t call myself a fan in the sense that I’ve seen the assiduous behaviour of a large number of fans who eat, sleep and drink it. But I can actually go several days without thinking about Doctor Who.

*Clip from Remembrance of the Daleks*

ANDREW BEECH: Everybody knows the TARDIS. Everybody knows what a Dalek is. And it’s one of those things that should continue. It’s not fair that it’s just disappeared and finished.

STEVEN WICKHAM: Well I think if the fans could finally get to the bottom of who has the power to bring back Doctor Who they would do their utmost to lock the guy in a room and sit him down with all these facts and figures and basically not allow him to leave until he recognised that the show is still potentially dynamite and had some sort of commitment to bring it back.

*Clips of actors saying, “Doctor Who?”*

PETER DAVISON: I feel pretty strongly that Doctor Who should come back, yes. I would just like it to come back in a slightly re-thought form.

*Clip from Trial of a Timelord*

ANDI PETERS: If the series was to be brought back from the past, a visit to the scenery dock here at Television Centre would have to be the first adventure. Because somewhere occupying a small space, is an innocent blue police box. [walks up to the TARDIS] Now, it may look a bit dusty, and it may need a new coat of paint, but you never know, it might still work. [enters the TARDIS which dematerialises].

SELINA SCOTT: Well the controller of BBC1, Alan Yentob, today told Entertainment Express that a new series of Doctor Who may return to the schedules in the future–whatever that may mean.

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