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Content Starts Sylvester McCoy “Confirms” Rumours of 30th Anniversary Special in Report from Baltimore’s ArcCon

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Sylvester McCoy has allegedly confirmed some of the rumours printed in The Daily Mirror concerning a 30th-anniversary special being in the works, rumours that have been denied in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine.

Appearing alongside Sophie Aldred at ArcCon, McCoy is said to have confirmed the rumour of the 90 minute special, but claim that neither has
been contacted to be in it.

McCoy and Aldred stated that reproduction work has not begun on the special and that casting is usually one of the last things done.  The duo added that the BBC is in very bad financial position right now and that any special could be cancelled at any time.

McCoy was said to be in fine form at the convention, singing songs and playing the spoons on both Sophie and children in attendance. Sophie also sang and both spoke on their passion for the show and other projects they are/have been working on.

John Peel was also at the con and stated that while he is not currently working on any Doctor Who projects, he may one day be signed to write the novel for “Legacy of the Daleks” and would love to write episodes once the show is back on television. It is unknown

Peel’s novelisations of The Power of the Daleks and The Evil of the Daleks will be released this summer and both are far longer than the average Target releases, running to around 300 pages each, keeping more in-line with the New Adventures. It is unknown as to what “Legacy of the Daleks” might be.

Off-topic but of interest to Star Trek fans, John also said that he is trying to be signed by Pocket Books to write in their new series of Deep Space Nine books.

Sylvester will be appearing in the U.S. again tomorrow at Universicon VI at Brandeis University in Boston, MA.

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