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The coming months will see some exciting new releases from BBC Video, with two double tapes and yet more recolourisation on the way..

Continuing the impressive work seen on The Daemons and this month’s Terror of the Autons, July will see the release of the Season Seven classic The Silurians. The release will be preceded by another double VHS release as Nicholas Courtney provides linking narration for The Invasion, episodes 1 and 4 being missing from the BBC archive.

Per DWM 199

May: Vengeance on Varos
June: The Keeper of Traken and The Invasion
July: The Silurians
August: The Curse of Peladon
September: The Chase and Remembrance of the Daleks
October/November: Based on a DWM poll

The double VHS releases will be priced £16.99 and their level of success is said to be a determining factor in the priority the BBC gives to future double releases.

Currently scheduled for release without a set date is said to be Trial of a Timelord.

There is still no word on any of the following projects that were being undertaken by John Nathan-Turner prior to his “departure” from BBC Video.

The Tenth Planet (with narration by Michael Craze)
The Reign Of Terror (with narration by Carole-Ann Ford)

The Davison Years
The Colin Baker Years
The McCoy Years
The Documentaries

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